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Address page

IntroHello!This post will explain what’s going on on our “Address Page” and how to use it 🙂A page for a specific address may be accessed with a link of this form: then you will see something like this: Let’s start from the top. HeaderThe header contains 3 links: 1. Clicking on the big “Clio.1” logo will […]

Happy birthday Cardano!

And that twice, today, September 24thIt was on this day in 1501 when Gerolamo Cardano was born in Italy, and it was the same day in 2017 when the Cardano blockchain saw its first transaction.We have a birthday cake for you!

What to expect from Clio.1 ?

Based on our historic paradigm, we started thinking about how to support and enrich the Cardano ecosystem.In Clio (Kleio), the ancient Greek muse of historiography, we have found many things that move us and that we would like to take care of in the near future.