Happy birthday Cardano!

And that twice, today, September 24th

It was on this day in 1501 when Gerolamo Cardano was born in Italy, and it was the same day in 2017 when the Cardano blockchain saw its first transaction.

We have a birthday cake for you!

Gerolamo (Hieronymus / Jerome) Cardano

Made important discoveries in probability theory and combinatorics as well as in complex numbers. He wrote the Book “Games of Chance“, which contained the foundations of mathematical probability theory.

Cardan grille

He is also credited with the invention of the Cardan suspension/gimbal and introduced the Cardan grille, a cryptographic writing tool.

He was interested in binomial coefficients and gave sum formulas for them. With his knowledge, he earned the money from gambling that he needed to support himself in times of unemployment, i.e. when the university in Pavia could not pay his salary.

He first came across calculating with complex numbers while trying to solve cubic equations. Furthermore, he proved that negative numbers can be used for calculations similarly to ordinary numbers.

Fundamental for blockchain technology

So his papers, his research, ideas and findings contributed a lot to the still ongoing scientific research, that now in 21th century lead to cryptographic blockchain like … Cardano, glad you’re here!

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