Cardano’s birthday cake

We asked ourselves what we could give for this first birthday and then decided to present what was achieved this year on a birthday cake.

The first Transaction on the Cardano-SL blockchain happened on 24th September 2017 at 16:09:11pm UTC. The following graph starts at this day and shows 12 months/slices of activity. (best experienced on desktop/table resolutions)

If you wonder what you’re looking at:

Cardano-SL blockchain data visualized

(daily values from outer to inner circles):
  • amount of transactions
  • amount of redeeming transactions (from ICO)
  • sum of TX fees (red)
  • missed blocks (green)
  • sum of ADA sent in transactions (orange)
  • max supply (blue)
  • ADA redemptions (magenta)

(this post is also available in: Deutsch)

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