update 2018-10 Part 2

Our development team fixed and closed some issues. So we have a second update this month

Heartbeat page

  • Total addresses counting is improved, so displayed number of addresses changed a little.
  • Update caches are now persistently stored, so backend restarts do not cause any pause in responsiveness.
  • Main page now displays links to the address checker and latest active addresses page.
  • Little legend added, explaining meaning of “movements” and two “addresses” numbers.

Address Tracker

  • In the “Latest active Cardano addresses” list – all duplicate addresses in the same block are now combined together, so you will see the total sum of its movements.

  • On an address page – all duplicate inputs or duplicate outputs (with the same address) are combined together. Instead – their total sum is displayed, with a special symbol next to it, and when you click this symbol – you can see the number of all inputs/outputs with this address and see their values. Clicking on the symbol again will cause this detailed view to close. Notable examples of when such collapsing helps are: one and two

  • We received a report from a user that our numbers (coins) are completely non-formatted when JavaScript is disabled in the browser, and issue was not obvious to the user. Now all numbers are pre-formatted on the server-side, so at least people will see right decimal places, even though without the browser-local formatting. And also a warning message added, to notify the user why they might experience some problems.

  • Addresses page now displays new “Address statistics” table where already shown previously “Total addresses” stats are placed in the top row, but then in the second row you now can see new statistics for the addresses of the new short type (Icarus addresses), starting with the symbols Ae. In the table you can see the number of new-type addresses with some balance on them, the number of empty new-type addresses, the percentage that new-type addresses take among all the addresses, and also the total balance of all new-type addresses, and what percentage this balance represents of total ADA supply.



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